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Why are my live regions not working?

Live regions have a reputation for being 'flaky' and inconsistent. While this can be attributed in part to shortcomings in current implementations, the problem can also be caused by developers misunderstanding how live regions are intended to work.


slash pages

Slash pages are common pages you can add to your website, usually with a standard, root-level slug like /now, /about, or /uses. They tend to describe the individual behind the site and are distinguishing characteristics of the IndieWeb.



Tornis is a minimal JavaScript library that watches the state of your browser's viewport, allowing you to respond whenever something changes. Think of Tornis as a store for your viewport.


Diving into the ::before and ::after Pseudo-Elements

This article is a gold mine about what we can do with ::before and ::after pseudo elements. We can use them to be decorative, to display quotes, to display HTML element's attributes, to play with images, to replace content, to control layout and even more.


How to display language-specific quotes in CSS

For <blockquote>, with CSS, it is possible to display quotes accordingly to the user's language.


WebC Starter Kit

A starter project for Eleventy (11ty) using WebC as a main template langage. Also includes opiniated assets processing and a few more bells and whistles.


8 top Docker tips tricks for 2024

Whether you’re a Docker expert or new to the Docker community, you may be wondering about the best ways to optimize or get started quicker on Docker. As a Docker Captain and a Senior DevOps Engineer, I’ve been using Docker for more than six years, and I’m looking forward to some thrilling updates in 2024!

In this post, I’m excited to share my top 8 tips and tricks for Docker that I’ve gathered through real-world experience and insider knowledge.


Modern CSS For Dynamic Component-Based Architecture

Today, we will explore modern project architecture, emphasizing theming, responsive layouts, and component design. We'll learn about features to improve code organization and dig into layout techniques such as grid and container queries. Finally, we'll review real-world examples of context-aware components that use cutting-edge CSS techniques. You're sure to be inspired to expand your CSS skills and ready to create scalable, future-friendly web projects.


Departure to get back to France after two intense weeks at the NoTube Eating School.

It is a success as our daughter has her feeding tube removed (til now)!


First day, for our daughter, without her feeding tube and she seems to manage it 💪


The NoTube's house seen from the street

First day, at NoTube, of what could change the life of our daughter 🤞


One year (barely exceeded)

It’s time to do a retrospective now that my site celebrated its first anniversary, in June 2023. One thing is certain, I expected better.



UI components powered by Finite State Machines. A collection of framework-agnostic UI component patterns like accordion, menu, and dialog that can be used to build design systems for React, Vue and Solid.js


box-decoration-break helps to define how elements should be rendered across lines

How to style an element which breaks accross several lines


How to detect disabled javascript in css

You can now react with CSS media queries to disabled Javascript and not only with the <noscript> tag.


With the release of the #11ty v2 and the native integration of the i18n plugin, it's time for me to clean the way I manage #internationalization on my site.

Here is a great resource from @lene to get started to implement the explicit localization in #Eleventy



When is :focus-visible visible?

The different use cases for focus and focus-visible


What to expect from your framework

There's been a bit of a brouhaha these last weeks as parts of the Internet suddenly woke up to the realization that most Single Page Apps are slow and overcomplicated, and — shock horror — it turns out that Facebook, the lovable scamps that brought us React and QAnon, have conducted themselves badly! Refreshingly, rather than launching a thousand caustic subtweets, this little stormwind has caused the blog posts to start flying again. Thank you, Elon “Vain gobshite” Musk. I'm totally here for it.


Thoughts on My Publishing Workflow

Description of the many concerns when managing a site with a static site generator.


Some simple ways to make content look good

Description of the process to make a page "look good". From the foundations to the finishing touches.