Jean-Charles Le Tousey


I’m Jean-Charles, a software engineer based in Caen, France. I specialized in web and am interested in back-end, front-end and devOps.


I started working in the web in 2003, during an internship, as part of my studies. I have not stopped since. I fell in love with it. The opportunities offered in the early 2000s, were less than today, but I immediately knew that this was the area in which I wanted to work.

This is still true today, even after all these years because I have the chance to do a passion job.

At the time, being in a small company, I had to learn to manage everything. Server configuration, back-end development, front-end development, documentation writing and much more.

That’s how it all started. All this, in a somewhat messy way... but during my career, I have evolved and learned a lot, for now, continue to touch everything, but in a more rigorous, professional and especially optimal way.

On the back end, I started my career with PHP and the Symfony framework. Today I’ve moved to Python (although PHP stays in my heart) with the Django and FastAPI frameworks. On the front end, Javascript remained the constant, although now, I use much more TypeScript via the Angular framework.

As I said, I remain motivated as I was on the first day. The web is constantly evolving and that’s what makes it so attractive to me. I’m curious about all these developments. It’s a real passion and I know how lucky I am to be able to evolve in a profession that I love.

If you want more details about my professional career, you can download my CV (PDF - 108Ko).


I am 42 years old. I am privileged. I am a cis-gender white man. That means, I don’t have to deal with racism, misogyny, remarks about my sexual orientation.

I have parents from the upper middle class, so I have never experienced poverty. They were always there for me and always are.

I have a partner who makes me evolve and who supports me daily despite my many flaws 😅

I am the father of two little girls who amaze me every day (even if the problems of the second one make our life more restrictive).

By writing these lines, I realize, both personally and professionally, how lucky I am. I note it because it is important for me to remember it regularly.