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How to Favicon in 2023: Six files that fit most needs

It's time to rethink how we cook a set of favicons for modern browsers and stop the icon generator madness. Frontend developers currently have to deal with 20+ static PNG files just to display a tiny website logo in a browser tab or on a touchscreen. Read on to see how to take a smarter approach and adopt a minimal set of icons that fits most modern needs.


C'est décidé, je reprends le contrôle de mes données

La situation avec Twitter m'a vraiment fait réfléchir au fait de stocker toutes mes données sur mon site et ne plus passer par des services tiers en priorité. Libre à moi ensuite, de les partager où bon me semble.


Code for copying code: the Eleventy edition

How to fix the position of the 'copy' button for the syntax highlighting plugin in horizontal scrolling code blocks.


Updating webmentions on a static site

How to update webmentions with only the new ones.


Zetafonts · the Italian type foundry

Zetafonts is a independent type foundry established in 2001 by Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini. Powered by a team of branding and design veterans, Zetafonts offers a prolific portfolio of original typeface families, covering the world's major script systems and proposing a wide range of innovative and stylish typographical solutions for digital and print designers.


Capitalics Warsaw Type Foundry

Capitalics Warsaw Type Foundry is the very first foundry in Poland. With a passion for good typography, a group of writers from the capital city of Warsaw decided to join forces and create a unique library of typefaces. The ever-growing graphics market requires a special approach. Our offer is addressed to conscious designers seeking original and technologically advanced fonts.



The type foundry of David Jonathan Ross (DJR), home of the Font of the Month Club. Making fonts such as Fit, Forma DJR, Gimlet, Manicotti, Input, Turnip, Condor, Trilby, Fern, and Output.


Debugging Node.js, The Right Way

How to debug Node.js scripts like they are in the browser.


10 powerful ways to use CSS variables

CSS custom properties are AMAZING. I'm going to attempt to name and roundup all the categories and strategies of custom props that I've come across.


Day 88: CSS Motion Path

CSS Motion path allows you to position any graphical object and animate it along a specified path.


Conditional CSS

CSS is condtional in many ways. In this article, I will go over a few CSS features that we use every day, and show you how conditional they are.


Sibling Scopes in CSS, thanks to :has() and ~

Leverage CSS :has() to select all siblings between two element boundaries.


Vous pouvez maintenant ajouter un lien Mastodon à votre compte GitHub.

Comme GitHub ajoute automatiquement l'attribut rel="me" sur le lien, allez sur votre profil Mastodon, ajoutez le lien vers votre GitHub, sauvegardez et 🎉, votre lien est automatiquement vérifié.

Coche verte de mon compte GitHub vérifié


HvD Fonts

We are HvD Fonts - a type foundry for high quality, original retail fonts as well as nice custom font solutions.


Mettre le web en page

Un article intéressant sur le CSS pour le print


Freres-Jones Type

Frere-Jones Type is a type design practice in New York City.


Mini-guide to add an image



A simple guide to HTML <head> elements


Simple Type Co.

A tiny type foundry that makes letters and numbers (and goods with those letters and numbers on them). Founded by Dan Cederholm.


Illustrations | unDraw

The design project with open-source illustrations for any idea you can imagine and create. Create beautiful websites, products and applications with your color, for free.